Texas A&M University Sport Management Program


Program Information

How the Top Gun Program Works

Adding Volunteer Hours

Once you have signed up for the Top Gun program, you will then have the ability to upload volunteer hours.

Information required to add hours:

  • Title of volunteer hours (i.e. "Community Soccer Game")
  • Number of hours earned
  • Supervisor Name
  • Supervisor Email
  • Signed document verifying hours worked

Community Service and Sport related volunteer and/or internship work completed prior to enrollment at Texas A&M University cannot be counted towards hours for Top Gun status.  

Sport Industry hours include service completed for an organization in the world of sports. Please contact a Top Gun director for clarification on what may or may not count as Sport Industry hours.

Community Service hours include service completed for an organization that benefits its community.  Examples include Boys and Girls Club, March of Dimes, etc.  An extensive, but not comprehensive list of BCS organizations that need volunteers can be found here.

You may add hours through the "Add Hours" link in the main menu.

Volunteer Hour Documentation Form

You will need to upload the Service Hour Documentation Form to add credit hours to the site. Download the Service Hour Documentation Form here.

Edit Hours

To edit hours already uploaded, go to your profile page. You will see a table of hours earned. Click on the title of the hours entry you'd like to edit.

Once on that hours entry page, select "Edit" and make any changes desired.

Updating Your Profile

To update your profile, go to the "My Profile" link in the main menu & click "Edit Profile".

You are able to update the following information:

  • Display Name (for public viewing)
  • Intended graduation date
  • Biography
  • Profile Picture (will be cropped to a square)
  • E-mail Address

Reaching Top Gun Status

Once you have logged a total of 25 volunteer points (375 minimum hours of volunteer work), please email Kayla Jones at  As soon as your hours and GPA have been verified by the Top Gun program, you will reach Top Gun Status. You will be displayed on the "Top Gun Students" page and on the home page of the website.