Texas A&M University Sport Management Program


Sport Management Top Gun Program

Top Gun, a program for undergraduate students in the Division of Sport Management, highlights the accomplishments of the highest achieving students. By dedicating themselves to a lifestyle of learning, giving, and sport industry service, Top Gun students are recognized as the future of the sporting industry. The program is designed to inspire both personal and professional growth. Below you will find the requirements that must be met in order to achieve Top Gun status:

  • Cumulative university GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • 15 volunteer points (15 hours of service equals one point) in sport industry-related  work.
  • 10 volunteer points (15 hours of service equals one point) from community service organizations.

All volunteer hours must be documented and signed for by the organization for which the work was completed.

Students are invited to sign up for the Top Gun program here. Each student may create his or her own profile to indicate their intent to work towards achieving Top Gun status. Volunteer hours may be logged in the online system under each individual’s profile. Once the minimum number of volunteer hours are met, email Kayla Jones (  At this time, volunteer hours and GPA will be verified by Sport Management faculty and staff.  Once a student has completed all 25 cumulative volunteer points and has a GPA of 3.25 or higher he or she will be declared Top Gun, which will be announced to all Sport Management faculty and staff. The Top Gun list will be used to assist sport industry recruiters in their hunt to find the best employees for their organizations.

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